Start your November and end your work week with us!

Just Lookin’ For Places To Play
Jack and Tina Johnson
November 1, 2013
“Acoustification” of Classic Rock and Pop, Easy Listening,
with Piano, Guitar and Vocal Harmonies

Roma’s Back Door Work Week Recovery Hour

Join us at Roma’s Back Door for great music, great food, and
dust off the stress of your work week!
Take an hour, relax, order some of Roma’s famous Chicago-style pizza and enjoy your favorite mellow classic rock and 70s folk rock .
“Work Week Recovery Hour”, couldn’t we all use a little of that?

Roma’s Back Door
200 E Comstock
Owosso, MI 48867

Owosso Art Walk – Serene Bean Bistro – Join Us!!

Just Lookin’ For Places To Play

Jack and Tina Johnson

September 13th, 2013

“Acoustification” of Classic Rock and Pop, Easy Listening,
with Piano, Guitar and Vocal Harmonies

            The Owosso Art Walk is a great experience and always an eyeful of joy

 Join us at Serene Bean Bistro for great music, great food, great mission!!!
The Serene Bean Bistro is a no profit, community owned, all volunteer operated. Their menu pricing is by donation, give what you can and if you are able, give to help others. Love, peace, music and food – always a winning combination!
118 S Washington St
Owosso, MI 48867
989-707-BEAN (2326)

The Art of Music

Playing out, looking for places to play, is about finding the space that will allow, at least a measure or 2, for the appreciation of music as an art. Not filler, not a background for over served and self indulged. Just an appreciation of what it’s all about. Art imitating life and living a full measure of it. Come on out and expect the unexpected. A deep vinyl cut or just something out of the pocket. Bring your kids, especially the very young and let them mesmerize and even play along and have fun too. We always have something for them too. What would it be if not?


Some relaxing, fun Saturday Night Antics!!

Just Lookin’ For Places To Play
Jack and Tina Johnson
August 24th, 2013
“Acoustification” of Classic Rock and Pop, Easy Listening,
with Piano, Guitar and Vocal Harmonies

Come and enjoy food, friends and music at Owosso’s Only Creole/Cajun
and Southern Cooking Restaurant

lulas-sign113 S. Washington St
Owosso, MI 48867

 Tonight’s Special:
3 Specialty Brick Oven Pizzas
~Bayou with Andouille, Mozarella and Scallions~
~Pesto and Gulf Shrimp with Pecorino Romano~
~Margherita with fresh from the Farmer’s Market Tomatoes, Basil and Mozarella~

Other Great Menu Items!
Appetizers – Small Plates
Busters BBQ Shrimp; Dolma; Roasted Red Pepper Dip; Calamari C’est Bon; Fried Oysters; Alligator Bites; Chied Chicken;  ConFUSION Sushi Roll

Soups and Gumbo/Entrée Salads
Gumbo; Spanish Fisherman’s Stew; Rustic Greek; Caesar; House Salad

Creole Classics
Chicken and Andouille Jambalya; Mom’s Shrimp Creole; Crawfish Etouffee; Green Chile Cheese Smothered Crawfish; Red Beans and Rice; Boudin Blanc with Maque Choux

New Comforts
Chicken Ondaway; Cuban Roast Pork with Rice and Black Beans; Fried Chicken with Cream Gravy or Sauce Piquant; Steak Frites; Gargantuanburger; Crepes Maison; Catfish and Hushpuppies; Catfish Tacos; Catfish Louisianne; Gulf Stream Fisherman’s Platter; Rebel without a Cause; Crawfish Pasta with Tasso Cream; Motor City Coney; Pasta con Verdure Freshe

Po’ Boys
Fried Oyster; Fried Chicken; Fried Calamari; Fried Shrimp; Fried Catfish; Cubano; The Peacemaker – Oysters, Bacon and Cheddar Cheese

Beignets; Key Lime Pie; Tiramisu; Crepes Geraldine


Here is the reason:
amo-joe Our middle daughter, Amoreena and her beau of many years Joe, are getting married on Mt. Rainier. A wonderful occasion and a beautiful bride.

We don’t vacation – we work – we practice – we gig – we work… Since we are taking the trip anyway, we decided to drive. We are going to take a little time for ourselves, enjoy the ride, play at some coffeehouses, take in some scenery, camp, busk and basically live like gypsies on the way out to Seattle. I, for one, am excited and looking forward to some alone time with the love of my life…. But I promise Amoreena, we’ll be all cleaned up and respectable parents to send you off to the next phase of your life, marriage.

BUT, until then — I’m not wearing shoes!!!
Love you to pieces!!!

Married to a Musician = Perpetual Earworm

I realized this the other day…. but then another thing occurred to me, it is actual practice. Constant, unending practice.

When we are working on a new song, whether it is on our own or together, it is a process, a long and sometimes arduous process.

There is more than just the notes on the piano or guitar… there are the lyrics… there are the vocals… there are the harmonies… there is the phrasing… there is the ‘feel’… there is the timing… there is work, lots of work. So while I have this current earworm, which happens to be a new project song and sometimes drives me crazy, I know that in the end it will be right, and it will be because we practice, even when we aren’t practicing.

The right tone, the well-placed harmony, the just-right phrasing all make a huge difference in a song. You may not know what it is, but you know when it’s right. It is the difference between ‘they do this song’ and ‘they nailed it’ — we prefer the latter.

One of my favorite moments is during a wedding ceremony, Jack playing ‘Your Song’ by Elton John on the acoustic piano as a gift from the Groom to his Bride; watching the tears well-up in the Bride’s eyes and then freely flow; seeing the huge grin on the Groom’s face as he realized he had just given her such a wonderful moment; then the cherry on top – going through the receiving line after the wedding and having the adult son of the Bride, who happened to give away his mother, grab Jack, hug him and say ‘f***ing awesome, you were just f***ing awesome’ 🙂  Colorful yes, but still qualifies as: one of the Best. Compliments. Ever.

It’s all done!!! Well, kinda done

Anyone that knows Jack will know that there is always more tweaking to do to any piano he plays. But he has finally put his tools away, for now.

Our dining room is now our Acoustic Piano’s home and practice area. Of course, Harrison is always close, ready to listen and critique. And, since his namesake is George Harrison – we listen 🙂

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