Google maps is pretty fabulous and scary at the same time! 🙂
In 2018, we took a road trip in February which unbeknownst to us was the beginning of a huge change in our lives, culminating in our move to Seattle. We drove 8700 miles to find out where we wanted to ‘be’. We knew we needed to leave Michigan, it had been a dream of ours for years.

Some of the songs we play need a good listening room to hear the subtleties and harmonies, we work hard on that. There are also some songs that turn a busy bar into a listening room.

During the road trip mentioned above, we were making our way from San Francisco to Denver. There was an open mic that was being held right at the same time we would be passing through the city of Auburn, CA at The Club Car. We got there and signed up to play. The bar was very busy and there were two sections to the place. One side (with just a half wall with spindles, I think, separating the two) had a stage and tables for entertainment. The other a very long bar (bartenders must have been wearing roller skates). It was busy and the place was a-hoppin’. Patrons and other performers were very polite and LISTENED while we played instead of practicing their own stuff or tuning their guitars, etc. But it was still loud.
Then . . . the song that stopped the room happened. Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s “From The Beginning”. The opening guitar harmonics and riff are unmistakable and iconic and we have added vocal harmonies throughout. Jack usually doesn’t look around and notice small things, like I do. And that night, it was amazing.

It went from a busy, loud bar to a literal hush falling over the room, every patron sitting on stools at the bar turning around, waitresses stopping mid-step. It’s not a song you regularly hear at an open mic OR being covered at all.

That was February of 2018 and I can still feel that moment. I imagine there are others that were there in attendance who still can too.

These are the moments that we seek. The moments we want to provide to audiences. The memories and feelings that are invoked when hearing a deep vinyl or seldom covered song.
This is who we are. ❤ ❤