Kind of early to be up and around on a Sunday, but the quiet of the very early morning was appealing to me this morning.

Jack and I are adding some more new songs and working on more videos.

Last night he came across a very cool sound on his Kurzweil Digital Piano (number 108, but not sure the name of the sound). The really cool part about this sound is that he can play The Beatles “Because” on it and even though there are only two of us singing the parts, the full sound comes through. I am hoping we can get a video of this soon, it is an unusual song to cover and I can say that I have never heard it covered when we are out listening to live bands/musicians. Aha!! Another unique song to add to our list. We have a number of them, songs that you rarely hear covered.

More to add to our song list; more videos to upload; more songs to learn — we have been listening to Coffeehouse on Sirius Satellite Radio and keep hearing acoustic versions of songs we love!! and as Jack is driving, I write them down.

Have a wonderful Sunday,