So, we are working on new videos, and new photos; assessing old videos and old photos. We want to add more ‘media’ to this site.

Unfortunately, we are talking about Jack and Tina here:

  • Jack knows he can play it better.
  • Tina looks fat in everything.
  • The sound quality isn’t what it should be.
  • Crowd too noisy in this one.
  • and on…. and on.

All of which are only true to our ears/eyes.

Luckily, we know many who feel the same way when ‘putting themselves out there’, always wanting perfection.

And probably even more luckily, we know many who just ‘put themselves out there’ and just about dare someone to critique them; knowing all the while they are better than 99% of the people watching and judging them. Oh, how I envy that 🙂