A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of playing the cocktail hour for one of our dear friends and her new husband, Allison and Scottie Watkins.

They got married on a beach in Georgia, and a week later had their reception at home for family and friends. Suffice it to say, we were honored and overjoyed to provide music for these two wonderful people.

One of our greatest joys is seeing the joy in others as we play our music. Allison specifically requested ‘Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World’ done, of course, with the ukulele. As we were performing, to see the twinkle in her eye, the smile on her face and the love between them was priceless.

Another joy, playing those deep vinyl cuts; to spark a memory; to surprise a fan of a particular artist. Hearing things like ‘I have never heard that played live at a wedding or anyplace, and you guys nailed it’. Or, to play the beginning of a song, whose first 10 seconds is so recognizable, captures the attention, and again is a surprise, that people actually stop what they are doing, turn and listen…… it’s, as an artist, to what you aspire.

We had all of those at this event. We saw the love of a newly married couple. We pleased the bride with one of her favorites songs. We gave the guests some surprises. We saw some old friends, made new friends. We were ‘fed’ also, both with a wonderful BBQ Pig Roast and our souls.

Thank you Allison and Scottie Watkins and guests.

Peace and love,